Posted 1 week ago

space dude! will paint him in an scene probably

I need to paint more enviornment/colored stuff. Perspective studies would be cool

Posted 1 week ago

did a little doodle!

Posted 2 weeks ago

wanted to practice a lot of things with this one. mostly rendering, composition, and actually adding a background. It was really fun to do and I learned a lot!

Posted 3 weeks ago

this is for my good buddy Boo!

I couldve rendered this a lot more but it was a pain in the ass to paint!

Posted 1 month ago

decided to use the same coloring/shading style as the wizord 

heres red warrior dude!

Posted 1 month ago

tried something different

purple wizard!

Posted 1 month ago

yeah i mostly decided to work on the face :P 

This is off a photo ref i found 

Posted 1 month ago

My brother told me to draw chen with a large chin so here it is!

Posted 1 month ago

did a sketch of a pig person! 15 minute sketch! had fun with this i might finish this or keep making more versions, who knows!

Posted 1 month ago

I drew defenestratin's OC Vax :)

Also I will be posting more!

Sorry for being a lazy shit :)