Posted 5 hours ago

yeah i mostly decided to work on the face :P 

This is off a photo ref i found 

Posted 1 day ago

My brother told me to draw chen with a large chin so here it is!

Posted 2 days ago

did a sketch of a pig person! 15 minute sketch! had fun with this i might finish this or keep making more versions, who knows!

Posted 2 days ago

I drew defenestratin's OC Vax :)

Also I will be posting more!

Sorry for being a lazy shit :)

Posted 2 months ago


couldn’t have said it any better myself

Posted 2 months ago

drawing for fun, gotta work on coloring!

Posted 4 months ago

done with the tablet my brother gave me <3

Posted 4 months ago

did a sketch to stay loose

Posted 5 months ago

10 minute sketch cause im lazy!

Posted 6 months ago


in short, fuck tumblr’s attitudes about “grades don’t matter” and “i’m offended because someone is breathing” and “it’s cool to be apathetic and hate everything” because the world doesn’t fucking cater to you guys, you pretentious assholes who expect everything in life to be sugar coated to y’all and you’re gonna have to grow up sometime