Posted 14 hours ago

vamp sketch

Posted 1 day ago

So I wanted to do another photo study. Tried challenging myself with a full body one this time. This isn’t finished just yet!

Posted 3 days ago


Posted 1 week ago

tried out some different stuff!

next time im gonna work on environments and action poses!

Posted 1 week ago


Posted 1 week ago

A wild Golden Monk Appears!

thinking of rolling a monk for patch 2.1 in diablo 3. In the meantime lets do some fanart!

Posted 4 weeks ago

space dude! will paint him in an scene probably

I need to paint more enviornment/colored stuff. Perspective studies would be cool

Posted 4 weeks ago

did a little doodle!

Posted 1 month ago

wanted to practice a lot of things with this one. mostly rendering, composition, and actually adding a background. It was really fun to do and I learned a lot!

Posted 1 month ago

this is for my good buddy Boo!

I couldve rendered this a lot more but it was a pain in the ass to paint!